About Us

The Rambourg Foundation is a charitable organization founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom. It is named after its founders Guillaume Rambourg and Olfa Terras. Established in Tunisia since 2015, it has been chaired by Olfa Terras since its creation, then by Shiran Ben Abderrazak since August 2018.

The Rambourg Foundation is a private and independent structure whose management is overseen by a board of directors composed of founding members. It works mainly to develop the creative and cultural economy in Tunisia through territorial development. It is committed to changing our society by putting art, culture, heritage, sport and creativity closer to the people. Making everyone's access to culture easierand possible to widen the prism of the representations of the world and to increase the awareness of the world around us.

The Rambourg Foundation can provide financial, technical and human support to projects throughout Tunisia. It sets up long-term partnerships that focus on innovation and quality interventions. Its role is toguarantee a quality of support that matches the ambitions of the partner organizations. Our line of
conduct: develop sustainable programs and give them the means to act and grow.

The Rambourg Foundation plays an important role in the development of the cultural and artistic scene in Tunisia, among its major achievements are:

The exhibition "L’éveil D’une Nation":

An exhibition that has highlighted one of the most important and founding periods of modern Tunisian history: the major reforms of the nineteenth century under the leadership of the last Beys of Tunis during the Ottoman rule in Tunisia. The specificity of this exhibition was to rediscover to the general public (50000 visitors including 27 000 young audiences) part of the history of Tunisia through the works of art of the time. This exhibition was realized in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Heritage. The Rambourg Foundation have restored part of the last Beylical palace of Ksar Saïd's, as well as more than a hundred works of the time.

Rambourg Foundation Prize for Art and Culture:

Created in 2016, the prize has managed to win in a few years the recognition as a meeting point for creation in Tunisia. An opportunity to promote the artistic and cultural creativity of the Tunisian scene nationally and internationally. This award was co-founded with Elizabeth Krief, Vice President of the Rambourg dotation Fund. It had 12 beneficiaries of an endowment of 20,000 dinars each. Most of the winning projects have had a great success in Tunisia and internationally.

The Cultural Center Of Arts And Crafts of Jbel Semmama:

The Jbel Semmama Cultural Center aims to promote mountain arts and crafts, local crafts and mountain culture to offer new hope to this region that has been devastated by smuggling and violent extremism. This project is the realization of the dream of Adnen Hellali, the poetic shepherd of Jbel Semmama, cultural activist. The Rambourg Foundation carried out the entire construction of the Center with the financial support of Japan Tobacco International (JTI). Since its opening, the Rambourg Foundation has been assisting the center's management team to help them achieve the objectives of the center with the support of JTI.


Make the Rambourg Foundation a major national and regional player in the creative economy, art and culture; support the development and structuring of these sectors to promote the creation and creators of our country; to enable as many people as possible to have access to culture and education through territorial development and equitable international cooperation, these are the challenges, that with my team and the support of the Board of the Foundation, strive to carry out day after day.

shiran ben abderrazak, CEO of the foundation