COVID-19 crisis & Emergency funding Mechanisms virtual conference
International virtual conference : COVID-19 crisis &amp; Emergency funding Mechanisms: what action plan for the Cultural and Creative sector?

Under this once-in-a-century pandemic hitting the world economy, saddled with record levels of debt and followed by official government measure for enforced closure, hundreds of concerts, festivals and events have been cancelled and postponed in Tunisia and all around the world.

The sudden implosion of the cultural and creative sector has confronted us with a brutal reality and an urgent call for an industry emergency support, in order to help the most vulnerable creatives, workers and organisations stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

In the past few weeks, emergency relief funds and other campaigns to raise awareness on the massive impacts have been created aiming to provide support and temporary financial assistance.

Cultural Funding Watch in partnership with Rambourg Foundation have joined with various parties of the Creative and Cultural sector around the world to gather their knowledge and experiences of best practices in the field, to debate and carry out an inquiry by putting into profit the technological and digital assets we have to communicate and connect in this time of physical disconnection, through an international virtual conference.

This virtual space aims to gather artists, cultural workers and creatives, institutional representatives, fund initiators where they could share their best practices from previous experiences on how to mobilize funds, exchange their know-how in handling crisis; making a clear shift of our attention to how we can support artists and audiences, collaborators and comrades, ideas and work, through present platforms and programs. The idea is to be a step ahead on an organizational level and find out how to best allocate our resources by asking the right questions.

> Plenary Session: Do we have an estimation of the financial impact on the Creative and Cultural sector ? Can it be measured ?

> Workshop1. Initiatives to take from an institutional perspective: strategies and public policies of governmental institutions.

> Workshop2. Initiatives to take from the artistic and cultural community perspective: artists,

> Workshop3. Initiatives to take from the private sector and foundations

What we hope to deliver beyond the conference is a network of united actors that will continue collaborating and building each other up by sharing what they do know best, making the sector as strong as possible when we come out the other side of the crisis. The distance between us is forming a space for new and “care-full” forms of listening and helping.