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The "CORE", creative hub, is part of the Rambourg Foundation's program for structuring the creative and cultural economy. The actions and programs carried out within the CORE aim at strengthening and empowering creative companies in post-creation, existing and capable of developing their activities.

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The "CORE", creative hub, is the result of a reflection led by the Rambourg Foundation on its role in structuring the Creative and Cultural Economy. All the actions, programs and projects of the Rambourg Foundation Tunisia aim at strengthening the actors of the creative and cultural sector and allow the emergence of this path of economic, territorial and inclusive development.
CORE, creative hub, welcomes its first cohort.

A survey on the Creative Economy was launched by the Foundation in September 2019. Its purpose was to determine the most effective and efficient ways to support the structuring of the Creative Economy. The results of this survey, carried out on a sample of more than 200 Tunisian entrepreneurs and 30 sector experts, were clear: a need for training and support to strengthen the economic actors of the sector. It is from these results that the "CORE" was thought and developed. 

The multiple needs revealed by the survey illustrate some of the strategic components necessary for the growth of a company. These results highlighted a need for support and development of post-creation structures and activities through strategic development assistance, better operational support in management, marketing and accounting, as well as better integration into networking and market integration. 


Based in Tunis, the "CORE", creative hub will strengthen existing companies in the creative economy sector in post-creation, which are able to develop their activities, their markets (and their access to markets) thanks to their ability to innovate. 

The CORE also aims to promote innovation by strengthening the connections between the different actors in the creative and cultural entrepreneurial value chain, research and technology. 

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Our support program:

The CORE offers a comprehensive and targeted consulting and coaching program to build entrepreneurial capacity and market understanding. 

This program is mainly dedicated to companies in the creative economy sector, creative and cultural entrepreneurs and all the components of the cultural and creative industries value chain (creators, producers, distributors, mediators). 

The CORE program is conducted over a six-month period. The selected companies will be accompanied in a phase of personalized one-to-one diagnosis and strategic and operational advice with experts that will lead to the creation of a customized training course. In addition, more generic training courses dedicated to developing the capacity for innovation, law, intellectual property and many other issues will be offered in response to the needs expressed by respondents to the Creative Economy survey. 

The generic training cycle is composed of 12 training courses divided into 3 phases: 

  • Mindset Approach  
  • Planning approach  
  • Operational and Practical Approach  

The CORE aims to provide a relevant response to the problems and challenges of incubated businesses at two levels: at an individual level, which aims to improve the entrepreneur's organizational, management and leadership skills, and at a structural level, which concerns the cultural and creative business in its planning, organization, implementation, monitoring and control stages. 

In this context, CORE aims to be a resource centre that supports the incubators in strengthening their capacities to lead an organization (mindset approach), to explore and use appropriate planning tools (planning approach) and finally, to apply them in strengthening operational capacities (practical field approach). 

The offer of the CORE also includes networking events for the selected structures in order to showcase their skills and develop their network in a community made up of different actors of the creative and cultural entrepreneurial value chain and research and technology, a community likely to be an ally for their business. 

A formalized mentoring program will enable companies to create and nurture relationships between experienced managers and promising talent, and to exchange on their development objectives. The CORE team will connect and propose interesting combinations between mentor and mentee. Mentoring therefore helps to feed the talent pool with leaders with a better experience.