Cultural center of arts & crafts of jbel semmama

Partners (Public & Private)
At the top of Semmama mountain, the cultural center is a place that allows both cultural action and dedicated action to the mountain culture.
Souheila Ghorbel
+216.71 781 467
The Cultural Center was built by the Rambourg Foundation and is currently managed by the cultural association of Jbel Semmama. Inaugurated on October 20, 2018, this space was designed to encourage children, young people and adults to "Cultural and sporting action" through film, theater, circus, music and sports in order to make them aware of culture and sport as part of a cultural proximity program. Thus, access to culture and the arts is therefore a fundamental right for all.

Promote local crafts  mainly aimed at rural untrained and unemployed women.
The center offered annual training to around thirty women in the field of weaving and distilling and whose products have been put on sale in order to make an income generating activity for the center and giving hope to its inhabitants through work.  This space is a place of living,of culture and of economic development that has given hope to populations of this governorate to fight against violent extremism and radicalization.

In addition to that, the Rambourg Foundation has created an handcraft brand production made available to the center so that the Kasserine region gains economic autonomy.

The construction of a multi-sports field will give young people in the region the opportunity to develop their passion and spend their free time in sport activities that will help them develop their skills, the practice of physical activities, as well as better social development. The partners of this project are the Governorate of Kasserine which had a major role of facilitator, the 3T Technical Center which has put its expertise at the service of training at the center, JTI which offers, as part of its corporate social responsibility, a fund which made it possible to set up and ensure the sustainability of the centre's activities for the first three years and the Rambourg Foundation who accompanied and carried out the construction of the Center and will continue to support it in its operating phase.

Many artists, troops and companies that have made local cultural action a priority are among the centers partners. Their purpose is to put a smile on the childrens of the region’s face  and hope to the inhabitants of this village.