The man Behind the microphone

A film co-produced by the Rambourg Foundation. This documentary is an investigation at the heart of the intimacy of one of the pillars of the Tunisian musical heritage, the great Hédi Jouini whose director is none other than his granddaughter.
Nesrine Limem
+216.71 781 467
After discovering, by chance, in a Parisian taxi, as an adult, that her grandfather was a music icon, Hedi Jouini’s granddaughter "Claire Belhassine" begins to investigate the heavy and painful secret of a broken family. This masterful documentary film is an investigation that allows the viewer to discover a piece of our collective history.

In this documentary by the Rambourg Foundation Tunisia, "Papa Hedi" retraces with rightness and emotion the life of a musician very appreciated in Tunisia. A film that fits fully in the will of the Foundation to enhance and preserve the cultural Tunisian heritage. 

The film Papa Hedi - The man behind the microphone, released on September 26, 2018 in Tunisian cinemas, is the result of a production by Claire Belhassine, who is none other than his little daughter.  This heart-rending tribute portrays the life of a music superstar in Tunisia and his incredible story while depicting a fascinating evolution of the Tunisian cultural scene.

The Foundation had invested in the making of this film, being an interesting and contemporary project,
which has been noticed in many prestigious film festivals, such as the Dubai International Film Festival in 2017, the DOK.Fest in Munich in 2018, or the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival in 2017.