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The Echos Electrik association, in partnership with the Rambourg Foundation, presents the No-Logo project, a mobile and ephemeral artistic center established in public space and hosting activities that hire regional artists and digital creations.
Nesrine Limem
+216.71 781 467
No Logo is a mobile project that takes place inside La Bulle, a nomadic inflatable structure established in a public space. The project is presented to the public in the form of a tour which crosses the three cities of Kairouan, El Kef, and Bizerte. The presence of No Logo represents a point of festive attractiveness, while providing residents with a space of appropriation open to dialogues, learning, and artistic dissemination.

No Logo is a project supported by the Rambourg Tunisia Foundation - مؤسسة رامبورغ تونس, AFAC - The
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, the French Institute français of Paris, the Paris City Hall,  and the French Institute français of Tunisia.

This project is presented to the public in the form of a tour crossing Kairouan, El Kef and Bizerte, within La Bulle, a nomadic inflatable structure located in public space, it constitutes a festive attractiveness in the targeted cities, while providing residents with space to dialogue, appropriation, and artistic dissemination.

By questioning the digital creation tools, the artistic content offered within the No Logo project will be the result of artistic residencies, organized prior to the tour, between artists from the targeted regions, and artists from the Tunis region and abroad.

In partnership with artists and the La Bulle collective, electronic music concerts, dance performance, plastic creations, video projections, a total of five creations will be presented to the public as a result of these residencies.

The transmission of skills being one of the main objectives of this project, workshops initiations to digital creation tools were offered to the public of each city during the two days where La Bulle was present. 

No Logo intrudes into spaces lacking cultural equity. Two main areas guide this approach :

  • The transmission of skills through practice
  • Collaboration by establishing partnerships with the driving forces of the cities visited

These two axes invite to jointly co-construct and in the direction of the beneficiaries, actions of exploration and experimentation to build together the contents of the project.
The project is a mediator between the inhabitants, the actors of local development and the artists.

The free nature of its activities and its anchoring in the targeted territories, encourage access
of the general public to these different practices and abolish the boundaries of economic accessibility.