Rambourg Foundation Prize for Art and Culture (2016 - 2018)

Applications received
The Rambourg Foundation Prize for Art and Culture rewards respectively five categories of young creative people. The goal is to support young artists who, despite their talent, do not benefit from any support.
Molka Haj Salem
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Fully funded by the Rambourg Foundation, the Rambourg Prize for Art and Culture, aims to introduce Tunisian artists, reach out to them and support them.

The aim of the Fondation Rambourg prize is to encourage and reward both creativity and innovation in projects chosen from five designated categories : 
Graphic and visual arts: drawing, painting, engraving and other techniques, Urban art
Writing: cinematographic, literary, theatrical
Live show: dance, circus, street art, drama
Cultural and digital industry: publishing, music, comics, video games, fashion, design
Handicrafts and cultural heritage 

Creative and innovative, with a vocation to be carried out, continued or developed over the year, the projects
retained must tend to become sustainable through an exhibition, edition, translation or
the creation of a production line.

Bringing Culture to the Top

The Rambourg Foundation Prize for Art and Culture is exclusively open to candidates from
Tunisian nationality or established in Tunisia, is a Prize which rewards an artistic project carried out in
Tunisia. It does not concern a simple work: sculpture, book, painting, comics, song.

Far from being confined to Greater Tunis, without regional or social segregation, without age restriction or
gender, it is addressed to all young Tunisian creators and innovators who, because of lack of means
fail to break through. In the ignorance of the Institutions that grant scholarships or sometimes even
of the whole culture development system in Tunisia, they often do not have access to aid, donations, grants… These young artists, regardless of their origins and the type of art they enact, form the target category of the Prize for Art and Culture awarded by the Foundation. 

The idea behind this project is to have a kind of mapping of the situation of young artists in Tunisia: What are they doing? What do they think? Where are they at? What are they missing? How can we help them?

Access to the national and international scene

The selection of the winner of each of the five Prizes is made by a jury made up of Tunisian and foreign experts, in order to accompany the winners on the international stage and give them the opportunity of being supported by people from national and international renown.